Tretorn Sea Level Re-boot x Brilliant Minds

The iconic footwear Sea Level Re-boot has been selected and invited to the Brilliant Minds Foundation as one of the participants of Brilliant Minds Brand Activation 2022. This year’s theme at Brilliant Minds is Change: One day, or day one, you decide.

The Sea Level Re-boot features a measuring stick on the back as a reminder of the changes that need to happen, and the consequences if they don’t. The top measure dated 2050 is a reminder that if changes are not made now, the boots won’t keep you dry by 2060.

“It’s an honor that Sea Level Re-boot is part of the Brand Activation concept at Brilliant Minds this year. Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize the consequences of the climate crisis. We designed the boot with the ambition to raise awareness and inspire people to take action. Brilliant Minds is a great platform to raise this important issue where inspiration and new ideas are created to contribute to change” – Magnus Månsson, CEO Thevea Brands Group.

According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), sea levels are expected to rise by roughly 26 centimeters (around ten inches) when we reach 2050 if humanity continues its unsustainable habits of today.