Most memorable experiences are never achieved alone. The best outdoor adventures are the ones we share with each other.

Sarek exists to make sure that these moments are achievable for everyone. By providing the necessary knowledge and gear so that the most advanced hiking adventure doesn’t seem any harder than a walk in the park. With a sustainable mindset, Sarek has selected the brands that best represent our philosophy and strive to not only lead the way but when necessary also adapt and learn to the continuously changing world of outdoor life.

We love the advanced. We love the high-level gear that takes a lifetime to master, and the gear that is developed for true outdoor enthusiasts. What we like equally as much is to simplify the advanced, to make the outdoor experience available for both the upcoming enthusiast and the pro adventurer.  Cause sharing is the Sarek DNA, our soul, and what we truly believe in.

Where individualism cease to exist, Where we get the time and space to share moments together – that’s where we connect to create unforgettable memories.