The Humble Hiking Store

The core of Friluftsvaror has always been to make outdoor life, hiking, and camping more available. That’s why we don’t have stereotypical customers. The clients are both families looking for a big tent for their backyard, and experienced adventurers searching for the boots that will take them through the toughest terrain.

The adventure always begins at an individual level, and Friluftsvaror is here to provide no matter the degree of difficulty.

Friluftsvaror is a marketplace and the home to some of the best brands in the outdoor community. The first store opened up over 50 years ago and today Friluftsvaror has customers all over the EU with bigger clients in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

”Don’t confuse the hike with the destination. The hike is about the sounds, the smells, the sights. It’s a complete sensory experience”