Evolution in motion

We are a part of a 130-years old history. A history that is a piece of our soul. A piece of our DNA. Thevea emerged out of Tretorn with the belief that eternal motion can make a great impact on our everyday life. The constant movement is what defines us, gives us evolution, and brings us purpose.

While history is everything we used to be, everything we do now – work, actions, ethical decisions, and sustainable solutions – is what will define the legacy and heritage that we will be remembered for 130 years from now.

That is why we believe that every step we take now is an opportunity. That is why we believe in constant motion.

Proud by name

We honor our history and our origin by our name which is based on the two words ”Tretorn” and ”Hevea”, uniting as Thevea.

Hevea, the Latin name for ‘rubber tree’, symbolizes us in several ways -from our ground roots to why we exist today. Tretorn, the keystone of our heritage is where everything began in 1891, with the rubber material as the core of the industry.

We like to think that the roots grounding the rubber tree stand for the heritage we are growing from. The tree branches symbolize our brands and form a constantly growing tree crown on which every single leaf is like an individual giving the tree its color, life, and beauty.

Thevea Essance

We aim to lead, but we don’t mind following inspirational pioneers. Of course, we want to be role models, but we applaud everyone that dares to make innovative progress that we can learn from.

It’s all about self-reflection. We don’t see perfection in the mirror, we see the opportunity to develop, learn, and grow.

Because to us, it’s not about setting a new standard it’s about making sure that the standards are always evolving. Always in motion. Always relevant.

Humbly striving to make tomorrow’s world more attractive than todays.