A Rising Community

Racqet started as a mare vision in 2020 to be a go-to online marketplace for padel players. A couple of months later, the first two shops were up and running along with an online destination.

Today, Racqet has evolved to something more than just a marketplace with the best brands in the business on the shelves. Now the Racqet is a brand with several articles, an entire padel center, signed pro players, and a vision to become a community that serves the padel lifestyle in all aspects.

Get The Feeling

Where our sense of flow, where everything else disappears, and nothing but the performance matter is just around the corner.

It’s a reminder of total freedom. Of the feeling of victory. Of a timeless state of mind.

All you need is a pair of shoes and a racket to let all your worries & thoughts fly away.

The feeling is yours to grab – just get it.

Padel is not a sport to us. nor is it a hobby that you do once in a while. It’s something that is so much more than just competing for the next point. It begins already at home when we wake up, and follow us through the entire day.

We are a lifestyle, the grind, the hustle, the victory… We inspire people to get up, get out and get the feeling.